Sea of Thieves launches its next update on April 22 and it has cats


That’s right, April 22nd is the date for the next monthly update for Sea of Thieves, and it has cats. You can pick out a cat and have a pet on the deck of your ship to cuddle, coo at, and join you on adventures. Sometimes it might even swat at you in disapproval if the ship is rocking too much. That’s it, that’s the update.

What? Fine, maybe there are a few more features like the new Emissary system that allows you to represent one of the four existing trading companies. Or the new trading company that’s all about PvP and sinking other Emissaries. Or the changes to the Arena format so that matches are now compressed down to 15 minutes with a single point to fight over and a single turn-in point for rewards, accelerating the supercollider of the match formats. Heck, maybe there are even new emotes and new ship livery, or the new ability to revive crewmates for a short time after they fall. But none of that is a cat on your deck, so who cares?

Source: Twitter
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