Star Citizen Live’s Q&A session discusses social features and quantum travel


Star Citizen held a Q&A session with its US Persistent Universe team this past Friday, which touched on a variety of topics regarding update 3.9 and other future features in a bit of a mishmash of questions, as these things often are.

A fair bit of the discussion was around social features in Star Citizen, such as the current use of service beacons for things like trading credits. The ability to do so without using service beacons should be coming in the near future, though the devs did warn that adding one new feature could possibly disrupt the way other features are intended to work. The team once more talked up upcoming friends list features while also confirming that friends list can house up to 800 names, and they also plan a service beacon that requests fuel in the future.

The video touched on a couple of quantum travel functions that are being looked in to, especially for those who want to explore the unknown; right now exploration isn’t really viable since players can’t blindly quantum travel in any old direction without first plotting a course, which means that every location is basically already known. The devs are looking to introduce a scanning feature that highlights a distant point of interest that can be warped to. In other quantum travel-related matters, being able to warp through solid objects isn’t the final intention, but the devs also want to balance what’s fun and what’s realistic without needlessly adding more travel time.

The Q&A session also talked about the ability to list ships as being rented instead of stolen, adding more ship options for Arena Commander, more information when purchasing ship components, and plans for more work on VoIP and FoIP. You can check out the complete hour-long stream or a handy-dandy synopsis from YouTuber The N00bifier, both of which are embedded below.

source: YouTube (1, 2 via Reddit)
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