Black Desert boosts rewards, adds new systems; Black Desert Mobile goes to a secret place

weird dog

There’s a bunch of new stuff in the latest patch to Black Desert. New reusable consumable items? Sure thing, you can assemble some concentrated spirit essences. A new skill for focused fire on ships? That’s in the game now. Class balance changes? You got it. But if none of that appeals to you, you can content yourself with the fact that it’ll all whip past you super quickly with the big boost event going on. A 100% boost to combat experience, 20% boost to skill experience, and a 50% boost to drop rates should make everything a fair bit more rewarding as you play.

Meanwhile, Black Desert Mobile has also patched in its newest high level area, Secret Shultz Fortress. It’s unclear if this area is a secret fortress or a fortress wherein you hide if you are already a secret Shultz, but regardless, you should probably be very quiet about it. You know, for propriety.

Source: Official Site (1, 2), Official Site (Mobile)

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