Blue Protocol’s beta test starts with delays, heavy demand, and some notable software scanning

We must ride like the wind.

The Blue Protocol beta finally started up! But it started up a bit later than expected because it turns out… lots of people wanted to get in to test the game very early and the servers wound up getting overloaded. Bandai Namco apologized for the delays while advising players facing login issues to please wait and try again in a little while, the universal approach to “we’re sorry, our servers are getting kind of hammered by requests right now.” So the interest is clearly there.

On the less-good side of the news, it turns out that Blue Protocol has system checks in place to prevent itself from running if certain cheating software is also running at the same time. Players are asked to report any and all issues with detections during this period, since the target are cheating programs rather than anything like web browsers or communications software; the announcement notes that these issues will not flag an account for penalties as a violation of the game’s terms. However, given the history of how well these sorts of systems work out, that may not fully address the issue.

Source: Twitter (1, 2), Official Site
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