Grinding Gear Games teases Path of Exile 2’s music and art in new video


At Exile Con 2019 last November, Grinding Gear Games stunned the world by announcing Path of Exile 2 – not exactly a true sequel to Path of Exile, but more like an enhanced multi-act storyline and new skill system that run alongside POE1, all while including the original game’s content. It’s a heavily upgraded POE1 with a new name and some new features, and we even took a deep-dive into it from the con.

But we haven’t heard a whole lot about it since.┬áThat’s changing today, as GGG has dropped a new video on the music and art of the sequelspansion.

“Path of Exile 2 also comes with an outstanding fresh musical score created by in-house composer, Kamil Orman Janowski who is a fan favorite among Path of Exile players due to the exceptional quality of his music and endearing persona. Behind the Music – Act One gives a behind the scenes look at upcoming Path of Exile 2 art and, most notably, a sneak peek at the new soundtrack. Kamil provides insight into his composition process, inspirations and more.”

The game is still expected to roll out in 2021. Get caught up on all our coverage of POE2 and then check out the new video!

Source: Press release

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