Ashes of Creation shows off alpha gameplay, takes a stance against DPS meters

Sorry, wait, were we not pointing this one out yet?

With an alpha test coming this month and another one on tap for this fall, Ashes of Creation is grinding slowly toward the full-fledged MMORPG it wants to become. In this month’s development update, fans of the fantasy game can get a look at the early dungeon gameplay and hear the devs talk about a ton of topics, including visual effects, character art, and environmental assets.

In this week’s livestream, Intrepid Studios also answered a bunch of community questions. There are a lot of interesting info nuggets to digest in this, including the maximum party size (eight), if we’ll be able to easily switch classes (not allowed), what control schemes are available (traditional MMO and action), if we can have super-chunky Elves (nope), if there’s moving while casting (mostly yes), if players can be thieves (absolutely), and how Intrepid feels about DPS meters (can be toxic to the social nature of MMOs).

Give it a watch below and let us know what you think of how Ashes looks in the comments!

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