An Old School RuneScape fan has started making an audio drama based on the MMORPG

You know what 2020 needs? No, not murder bees; RADIO PLAYS


What do people who love theater do when they can’t partake in the theater due to the pandemic? They turn to audio dramas, apparently, and one such person who also happens to be a fan of Old School RuneScape has filled his performance-shaped hole by creating an audio drama based on the MMORPG’s storyline.

The audio drama comes from YouTuber and English actor Josh “Strife” Hayes, who has put out two episodes so far: a pilot episode that takes place on the tutorial island, and the official first episode of the greater narrative known as Trouble and Strife. The idea sprang from Hayes’ ongoing video guide series for every quest in OSRS, rewriting them as an adventure-style radio play.

Neither of these are a particularly short reading either, with each episode clocking in at over 30 minutes each, so if you’re grinding out some skills in-game, there are certainly worse things one could be listening to while XP bars fill up. We’ve embedded the pilot episode below for your listening pleasure.

source: Reddit

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