Blizzard teams up with Days of Wonder for the new Small World of Warcraft board game

It's a... you know.

Sometimes board games go into odd directions. Small World of Warcraft is not “World of Warcraft but everyone is smaller,” despite the name; it’s a collaboration between Blizzard and Days of Wonder to produce a new board game set in the universe of the former using the mechanics of the latter. In essence, you’re trying to lead a collection of ideas from WoW to dominate the world of Azeroth, ranging from “Pandaren Portal Mage” to “Goblin Herbalist.”

Apparently no one can rule Draenor in this game. Maybe it’s a future expansion.

Players will compete with other players while preparing to “retire” overextended races, mechanics familiar to those who have played the other games using the Small World game mechanics. There’s a brief teaser just below, but you’ll have to wait until the board game’s actual release (planned for this summer) to really sink your teeth into it. At least now you can try to ensure that the Draenei actually inherit the world, if you’d like.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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Do you automatically win if you play as Sylvanus ?

IronSalamander8 .

I love Small World and have all the expansions for the board game version, and all the digital stuff on Steam and only missing the Royal Bonus on my phone version. The race/power combos are a lot of fun even if you can get some crazy ones or super weak ones (Cursed White Ladies are godawful while Flying Sorcerers are disgusting).

It has a really neat mechanic where you fight with your active race until you feel you can’t really expand anymore, you put that race in decline, and pick a new one next turn. Your in decline race still controls their old territories so you get coins for them but they generally lose their special abilities and are reduced to 1 token per region. It’s quite fun and I highly recommend it.

I’m curious how the WoW version will work out.