Guild Wars 2 dev discusses the game’s community, evolution, and future updates


ArenaNet Content Design Lead Andrew Gray recently took a few moments to answer some questions about the past, present, and future of Guild Wars 2 on fansite In the interview, Gray lauded the game’s community and ArenaNet’s “player-friendly” approach to content and releases, as well as remarked about reaction to the Icebrood Saga releases to this point.

Some of the questions aimed at what ArenaNet has next for both Guild Wars 2 and itself as a studio. While Gray acknowledged that there’s a third expansion in the works, he was unable to give any sort of release timeline. That said, players should still look forward to more Icebrood Saga and festivals for 2020, as well as a new Fractal. As for ArenaNet working on a Guild Wars 3 or a new IP, Gray stated that the studio is “always thinking about the future” but is “focused 100% on the development of the third Guild Wars 2 expansion.”



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