Star Citizen details electrical weapons and a player trading system coming to alpha 3.10


Nothing says “future tech” quite like weaponizing lightning. Sure, Star Citizen already has lasers, but lasers just aren’t quite as cool as lightning weapons, and in alpha 3.10 players will get their hands on these new toys that were shown off in the latest Inside Star Citizen video.

The new lightning weapons come in two flavors — a sniper rifle (which would totally give away your position if you were an actual sniper) and a pistol. Both weapons deal energy as well as stun damage, and feature arcing bolts that can jump to several enemies, and can also deal a small burst of extra energy damage in the case of the rifle. These new weapons will start to pave the way for non-lethal stunning weapons like tasers, but soon players will get to dish out knockout blows of a more permanent nature.

The video also discussed an upcoming trading app in the mobiGlas that will let players finally begin to trade aUEC to one another without using service beacons. In the first iteration coming to alpha 3.10, players will be able to send only a one-way gift of aUEC. However, this new function will allow gifting of credits to anyone in-game, whether they’re on your server or not, by simply searching for their name. Future iterations of this feature will add two-way credit transfers, transfers of things like ships, weapons, and other items, and link the trading app with station cargo decks, which will let players deliver traded items from one another instead of manually retrieving them.

source: YouTube
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