Ashes of Creation partially lifts its NDA, discusses open world housing and caravans in a livestream


Things appear to be going rather swimmingly for Ashes of Creation. During the game’s most recent developer livestream, the team touted an eight hour-long playtest with its Phoenix Initiative testers, which reportedly went “incredibly well.” Things have gone so well, in fact, that the pre-alpha NDA has been partially lifted and PI testers have been given the go ahead to share their impressions in voice and text form, something that at least one tester has eagerly done.

As for the rest of the stream, it discussed a variety of things related to AoC’s Freehold open world housing system. Players will be able to put a house on their Freehold (naturally), but there are also farming plots, fisheries, and stables for animal husbandry that can be placed as well. Speaking of animal husbandry, the stream went over that as well, explaining how a genetic system and a bit of RNG can yield increased chances in a special mount. Overall, the Freehold is intended as place for players to process raw materials, and parts of a Freehold’s land can be devoted more to farming if that’s a player’s primary focus. For those who would rather have a place to call home, however, that will certainly be possible, and there will even be a furnishing profession, with higher tiers of furniture providing characters with various buffs.

Another topic touched on in the livestream was caravans. The stream outlined that players hauling caravans towards a body of water will see their land caravan enter a conversion structure and transform into a naval caravan. For the record, the conversion structure can be attacked by others, and any added damage mitigation and bonus hit points added through caravan customization won’t be factored in to the conversion structure’s stats.

A synopsis of the stream, as well as its Q&A segment, is posted in both text form and video form thanks to the Paradox Gaming Network. That video is below the cut, along with the full original livestream.

sources: The Ashes Post, Reddit, YouTube (1, 2)

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At least they are still humble to the fact that Alpha 1 is still a long ways off. Still years to go before release.

Oleg Chebeneev

Gameplay footage in good quality:

Toy Clown

Housing is my end-game, so I’m always interested. When I checked into AoC last year, I was disappointed that housing could be destroyed along with a town and it pushed me off of wanting to play. Now I see there are Freeholds, one per account total in the open world and my interest piqued again. I still don’t know the particulars, mainly if Freeholds can be destroyed, so I’ll keep watch to see how that pans out. (For the record, Jahlon, Rift and FFXIV don’t have open-world housing. Those are instanced. Games like Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies and ArcheAge have open-world housing. Awesome work as always, though, and I like powerpoints. xD)

I’m feeling optimism rise with the new information I’ve taken in.


Yes, freeholds are subject to being demolished by other players if a siege is successful against the node they are within the zone of influence of. Though the developers intend to have schematics which allow you to rebuild them easier than if you had to do it from scratch.


I am cautiously optimistic that Intrepid will be able to overcome the issues brought on by AoC: Apocalypse and deliver a good MMORPG by the end of this process.

I’d very much like this thing to succeed and it is good to see things moving in the right direction here. The Nodes system is definitely an interesting concept which I’d like to see pan out.

They’ve got a long road ahead still and it will be difficult, but continued progress on the game people originally backed will go a long way to restoring confidence in the franchise.


Really appreciate the plug Chris. Means a lot to me that an author and the site would help a small content creator and push their content. You guys have been very generous in that regard with me from my Archeage days and now my Ashes of Creation days.