MapleStory’s latest update adds a new character and revamps existing skills, map activities, and guild activities


Last week saw MapleStory add a beefy update to the game which has, among other things, introduced a new character, made a variety of revamps to skills, bosses, map activities, and guild activities, and has also begun a number of events.

The premiere feature is the arrival of Adele, a Flora Warrior who wields a Bladecaster and Bladebinder which are all things in this game’s world I guess. The patch notes outline every one of this new character’s skills from beginning to Hyper Skills to fifth job.

In addition, the update has brought a wide swath of adjustments to the Lucid, Gloom, and Darknell bosses, a revamp of the skills used by the Beast Tamer and Kanna, new Elite Champions, Runes, and Pollo and Fritto challenges as part of a revamp of map activities, and a variety of updates to guilds like a new guild UI, improved guild skills, and added guild content. The update has also added the realm of Reverse City, though that will be playable on Wednesday, July 8th.

There’s a variety of other updates to systems as well as a whole bunch of events, so make sure to get extremely comfortable if you’re going through the patch notes.


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