Legends of Runeterra will get new modes and its first event during the Season of Fortune


What’s coming next for Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra? A fair number of things according to a recent dev blog which outlines what players can expect during the upcoming Season of Fortune.

The season will run the course of several different patches, starting first with patch 1.4 and the Gauntlet mode that challenges players to win seven matches in a row. These Gauntlets will run every weekend for four days total starting on June 26th, and will swap modes every week: the first week will feature a standard deckbuilding mode, and the second week will introduce Singleton, which requires decks to only have no more than one copy of each card.

On July 8th, patch 1.5 will introduce Labs mode, which brings new modifiers that range from small changes to the basic formula, to new game modes, to “extreme” takes on play. The debut Lab will have players pick from a selection of Champions and play with a deck generated by those choices, while additional Labs will be added with every patch after 1.5.

Finally, patches 1.6 and 1.7 will bring on Runeterra’s first-ever event, which promises a month-long thematic experience of new Labs, special quests, personalization items, and other features. Expect limited-time items that can be unlocked by playing as well as an Event Pass in the in-game store for more rewards. Details on this event are under wraps for now, but players will get a preview before the event starts.

On top of the goodies for Season of Fortune, Runeterra will also see a shift from expansions every four months to card releases happening every two months, the addition of a cross-shard friend challenge feature, more quests and store content, a new Lab, and a promised twist to the Singleton Gauntlet format. Much of the update plans were broadly outlined in a video posted at the end of May; you can watch that below.


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