Players in WoW Classic have defeated Onyxia without wearing anything at all

Over and over.

Who says you can’t make your own fun in a themepark? That’s just what one raid group did in WoW Classic, electing to take on Onyxia with a fully naked team.

Obviously “naked” here means that nobody was wearing any gear, trinkets, rings, or weapons. As one would also likely expect, the raid group was made up primarily of casters save for some paladins for buffs and tanking purposes, but even they were naked as well, effectively punching a dragon so hard it got mad. There’s even a response from one of the raid members on the Reddit thread that explains just how a tank without any gear could hold aggro.

It’s almost 13 minutes of pure naked aggression and it’s embedded below for your viewing pleasure. And don’t worry, it’s SFW.

source: Reddit via Wowhead
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