PUBG breaks 70M sales ahead of 8.1 update as Steam concurrency continues to drop


It’s not every day that a video game sells 70 million copies, but PUBG is celebrating just that this week. In honor of that “milestone,” the game is sending you back to Sanhok with the 8.1 update, rolling out to the PC test server tomorrow with a full launch on July 22nd (July 30th for console).

“The once familiar jungle destination is now an overgrown abandoned paradise that has been remastered to be leaner, meaner, and more deadly than ever before! Season 8 will release for PC via Steam on July 22 and July 30 for Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and Stadia, the new generation gaming platform from Google. When survivors drop into Sanhok, they’ll discover that almost every structure, tree, rock, and material in the map has been rebuilt from the ground up. Using data and player feedback, many locations have had extensive design and art upgrades. Popular locations, such as Boot Camp, Ruins, Pai Nan, Khao, and Quarry have all received major updates. For those keen on exploring, new locations and hidden gems can be found around the island, including a new tourist town Getaway, and bootcamp Airfield. From the Ruins to the Cave, Sanhok has been updated to increase its visual fidelity, balance, and performance.”

Worth noting here is that the game’s playerbase has only been shrinking more and more since its peak two and a half years ago; according to SteamCharts, the game’s Steam peak playerbase has fallen from well over 3M to around 500K since December 2017. Still, that’s not shabby at all for a game that still charges a $30-buy-in.

Source: Press release, patch notes

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