The in-game memorial for a fallen PlanetSide 2 player spanned four instances this weekend


You know, I am always conflicted about these types of stories: They are tragedies, and nobody wants to have to tell a community that a fellow MMO gamer has passed. But they’re also heartwarming when the community comes together to celebrate that gamer’s life.

I’m talking today about PlanetSide 2 player Ezrason, who was memorialized this weekend by fellow fans inside the Daybreak MMO after he passed away, the victim of a hit-and-run accident. His brother eulogized him on Reddit and Discord, amplified by Rogue Planet’s Andy Sites.

“The game that we ended up always coming back to was Planetside 2,” Ezrason’s brother writes. “We did lots on Planetside, but what we really enjoyed doing together was running the harasser. I got rather good at driving, and Ezrason always was quite the sniper to begin with, so using the halberd didn’t take him long to master. We sure got good at harassing together. I only wish you were still here to help me wreck some VS and NC armor, Ezrason. Well, we lost a fellow planetman, and sadly, that planetman won’t be respawning.”

The community held a cross-faction memorial event for Ezrason this past weekend, with both a verbal and a combative tribute; YouTuber Kavaison captured one instance of it in a video for those who weren’t able to attend. “[T]he turn out was so massive that 4 Sanctuary instances were created to accommodate the attendees,” he says.

Source: Reddit
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