Here’s 22 minutes of video explaining what we know about Elyon’s beta version so far

Choppy choppy.

Beta testing for Elyon, aka The Game Formerly Known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, has been ongoing in Korea for a little while now while the game’s western website has been kind of thin on details. So (and as usual) it falls to fans to aggregate information and present it to waiting players, which is just what’s been done in this video.

YouTuber Hakurai, with the help of several people translating information and sharing footage, has offered up a general rundown of Elyon’s features, from character creation to gearing up to PvE and PvP content. Several details are confirmed over the course of the video, including a lack of gender-locking for classes, details on a variety of quests available in the open world, information on the game’s five-player dungeon content (one tank, one healer, and three DPS), an endgame area that mixes PvE and PvP, and the game’s open-world PvP mechanics like a Bounty Hunter system that shows where the last 10 players that killed your character are on your minimap.

The video also outlines Elyon’s instanced housing and how it ties into crafting — high-level crafting stations can be placed in a house, for example. There will also be “luxury” houses that can be bid upon in the open world and be expanded, though they will also have an upkeep cost. The video also confirms a Black Desert-like Energy system that is used when performing crafting and gathering skills.

It should be noted that all of these details are from a developing beta version of Elyon and are subject to change. That said, you can get the full details thus far by watching the embed below.

source: YouTube via Reddit

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Dug From The Earth

Quest auto pathing which means the game is mostly focused on combat and grinding.


I don’t know, at first glance, it looks to me more like a generic mainstream copy paste …

I guess if you are just discovering MMORPGs for the first time today, you’d probably enjoy this?

Michael Fuchs

This looks awesome. Hopefully this beta is going better than the last and it can start the path to release.


Hey it’s the boopers guy.