Star Citizen fans call on CIG to post an update on Squadron 42 development progress


A post on the Star Citizen subreddit has been growing in traction in recent days, putting into perspective an abject lack of substantial progress reports on Squadron 42’s development. The post points to a promise written in March 2020’s Roadmap Roundup to share more SQ42 content in its AMAs, Calling All Devs, and in sprint reports in Inside Star Citizen — all of which were not ultimately kept save for a look at gas clouds and real-time talking heads in May.

The vast majority of the replies read with varying levels of exasperation at CIG’s dragging feet and wondering just what is going on with the project. One of the replies seems to sum up part of the problem rather succinctly:

“What is going on is that we constantly signaling that we’re okay with how things are. We have a record breaking month in funding every other month. People don’t stop buying new ships. No reason for CIG to change anything. They can say and do whatever they want and people keep throwing money at them. I don’t think anything will change unless we have some noticeable decline in funding at least for some time period.”

Other posts point to a pledge CIG made about treating backers “with the respect [they] deserve instead of spending […] money on public relations” if there are delays in development. “Radio silence is not upholding the spirit of this statement,” reads one such reply. “I cannot in good conscience condone the continued chokehold that the marketing and PR teams have on communication between CIG and the players. I get that withholding bad news prevents negative PR, but the commitment and pledge to showing respect for those who have funded this project by informing the playerbase comes before that.”

source: reddit, thanks to Eggbert for the tip!
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