Overwatch hosts an AMA, Hearthstone adds a playable kitty hero


You can play as a kitty in Hearthstone. Yes, there’s been some patch notes for update 18.0 which sets the table for the arrival of Scholomance Academy as well as some adjustments to Battlegrounds, new minions, and other gameplay tweaks, but none of those is important. Because you can play as a kitty now.

The devs of Overwatch recently opened themselves up to an AMA, answering a broad variety of questions including plans for additional competitive formats for six-player teams, the stated desire to expand the IP into other media, and the hardest ability to put in the game There’s even a really good idea for new cosmetic rewards like unique UI or weapon sounds.

None of that really matters, though. Because you can play as a kitty in Hearthstone. But at least you can play as a hamster in Overwatch.

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