The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers your favorite type of resource gathering?

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers your favorite type of resource gathering?

You know, we talk about crafting a lot here on Massively OP, but gathering doesn’t get nearly as much love, and yet pretty much every game with crafting has that too. I’ve been doing a lot of it lately in Lord of the Rings Online, circling through my loops through zones harvesting ore and wood, occasionally stopping at a wolf lair to murder the critters hoarding my hide. Forochel? More like ore-ochel, am I right?

So I’ve kind of missed this gameplay, largely because my main MMOs either don’t really have it, turn it into industrial AFK production, or lack a crafting system compelling enough to bother with it. It’s been fun to get back into it again… and also exhausting. It’s work! I kinda miss my factories too! I’m torn between what I like better: the organic feel of manual harvesting and cracking into trees and ore, or the AFK appeal of my harvies.

There are probably other types out there I’m not even thinking of. SWTOR companions, for example, could be dispatched to bring back mats, which was clever. Which MMO offers your favorite type of resource gathering?

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I always had fun just digging holes and stuff in Landmark… 8(

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Dean Greenhoe

Just make a gathering system where the resource instance vanishes from the word for each individual character as it is harvested. This will fix so many issues encountered in game economies.

I just like harvesting. Make it worth my while to scour the world for every single node. :)


Easly Entropia Universe and Firefall(well know by thumperfall)
For hardcore craft/Gathering Mortal Online without think twince


I’m not a crafter, I’ve never played a game that had engaging crafting. Sure, some games have engaging markets and economies which can make the crafting worthwhile, but its rare.

If SWTOR was an mmo (it’s not), I’d pick that one, because I didn’t have to do the gathering myself.

For actual MMOs, meh, pick nearly any of them. Running around the world and clicking on nodes is not engaging at all. Can be relaxing to explore places whilst gathering, but the gathering itself is always mind-numbingly boring.

I was tempted to pick SWG, with it’s automated harvesters, but my memories of that are always pretty negative: just a lot of running around, trying desperately to find “good” mats. Once you’d found something worth gathering, sure, it was better, but that initial search was always tedious.

Oleg Chebeneev

Exploration sites in EVE. You never know when you hit jackpot.

Also rich thorium nodes hunt in vanilla WoW. Always competition and alot of times free PvP

Bryan Correll

As others have already said, I’d go with the FF14 model. It’s non-competitive and there’s a simple mini-game to it that keeps it from being a complete zone out.

Toy Clown

Resource gathering is incredibly repetitive and monotonous to me, which is a large part of the reason I’ve left crafting alone in most MMOs whereas I used to love it years ago. I like it semi-automated, or heck, fully automated! Examples are SWG:L where I can toss out harvesters or set up a macro overnight and leave a character resource sampling while I sleep. My other favorite is the worker system in BDO where I could send them off to get resources needed for crafting. They’ve removed a lot of that in recent years as you have to go gather stuff yourself or buy it off the market. It’s also why I lost a lot of interest in BDO.

I’m not a fan of repetitive mundane tasks at all and have had people suggest I watch Netflix while gathering. When one is nearly deaf you don’t have the luxury of listening and occasionally looking at the screen while playing as I need closed captioning to understand what’s going on. I’ve tried music, which only makes me want to get out of my chair to move and tried chatting with others while I play, which adds to pain issues in my hands. So yeah, just moved away from all crafting/gathering except in SWG:L.


Netflix OMG too funny.

I threw on another monitor, so two screens at home now, finally! I guess, as when i did it in the past it felt work’ish so yeah, one screen at home will be fine.

Anyway i did this to mess around with boxing wow, while i was leveling up the other account to get it (to 20) in range of the character i want to box with + mount… i’ve heard peeps on podcasts talk about it, and have read about peeps doing it, so thought yeah ok i’ll check that out…

Netflix while gaming.

And omg, i was surprised af how much i love it! It’s like this whole new entertainment f’ing center ffs, i’m like glued to that desk nightly now, once novelty wears off we’ll see or may never it’s a pretty sweet way to roll.

Anyway i finally got to where i can box and yeah, very intriguing and has more depth than i thought which i love, but right away i missed having Netflix rolling.

I was thinking about it, which 99.9% of the time means i’m going to do it, yep RaF’d another account, :) just so i could watch Netflix again :) /jk but yeah that’s what i did while leveling that new toon up to 20, the trinity factor was my wonder (for dungeons).

I’m not watching anything i need to pay attention to, re watching Star trek, which i was already doing but not while playing and combing the two activities feels really good? for some weird ass reason, and overall such a better use of time (feeling only i’m sure) in that while flying way over there i can tune back in on show. Then 30 minutes can go by and it’s the end of the show, tune into the ending. for a few.

Anyway it’s pretty cool and know why people do it.

So i got all three toons to 20 last night, half naked and what gear they did have was horrible, and tried them out in Wailing Caverns, i went in about 5 or 6 mobs deep, was purely a curiosity test as it was getting late and i still need to watch Star Trek for the re-watch goal, oh wait no i don’t :), It’s a pretty good combo tbh.

Anyway WC was challenging, no deaths, couple close calls, and with some tuning, better gear, i don’t see any reason 3 manning dungeons would be a problem. Whether it sticks or not remains to be seen, might make it a weekend warrior thing, during the week got shit to do and it takes a bit to set up yada-yada.

Robert Mann

If I’m honest, I like the resource systems in Wurm and Life is Feudal. Where it’s actually doing something more realistic, rather than just looking for a random node. It’s certainly not my full ideal, but I’d rather dig actual mines for ore than just look for different colored rocks jutting oddly out of the map…

Sadly, crafting is still in a state of nigh utter worthlessness excepting as a gold farming system with consumables in most games, and the depth and width of it in both of those examples is lacking as well.

Is there an MMO form of Dwarf Fortress? That might be somewhat closer…

Bruno Brito

GW2. Simply because i don’t think gathering should be a crafting skill at all. If it is, it should be allowed for your toon to have ALL of them. They should specialize only into the crafting part, not the collecting part.


Well, first the crafting has to be meaningful throughout the span of the game. Otherwise there is no point to gathering, no matter how well done it is.

That being said, for me, I really appreciated GW2 for its unique gathering model. I wish all MMOs had used that design or would move their gathering to be like it.