Co-op RPG Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff arrives to Steam Early Access on September 8


Are you prepared for low-poly adorable adventure? You should be when Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff makes its way to Steam Early Access about a month from now on Tuesday, September 8th, an announcement that was shared with a new trailer.

The trailer provides a look at the whimsical fantasy world of the game, highlighting some of the fighting, crafting, house decorating, and exploration on offer. According to the game’s Steam page, early access should run about a year, with every month promising updates with new mechanics, new zones, new quests, new monsters, or new items. Early access will come at a cost, but the devs state that price will be lower than the finished version of the game.

For those who forgot about this one, Swords ‘n Magic styles itself as a “casual, cooperative open world RPG,” with plenty of dungeons to delve, items to find and craft, and the titular swords, magic, and stuff. It kicked off a crowdfunding campaign in March which ultimately raked in about $79,000 of its asked-for $21,950, unlocking all of its stretch goals along the way. Since then, there have been a number of dev vlogs shared by the team at Kindred Games, up to this recently released announcement trailer that we’ve got for you below.

sources: Youtube, Steam

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Looks cool, a lot like but with a little more structure to the world and better fleshed out mechanics. I’ll keep my eye on this!


This genuinely looks so chill.


I put this one on my wish list when you first reported about it. Looking forward to checking it out.


Oooh no! I remember Cubeworld made me go “Squee!” in an embarrassingly high-pitched voice while throwing money at it. Never again. Must…resist…cute…stuff.