Star Citizen video and AMA discuss environmental art, rocks, and throwing all the things


Star Citizen’s been back in the headlines this week for all the wrong reasons – weird Squadron 42 communication mishaps, pixelships, and huge piles of money being the main ones. But while one part of CIG was busy with that, the rest of the studio was actually off making the damn game, as demonstrated by this week’s Inside Star Citizen as well as the Ask Me Anything that the environmental artists did on Wednesday.

The Inside Star Citizen episode spends its first chunk with devs discussing the throw mechanics (no you can’t throw your bodyweight, and yes the game will shift you between overhand and underhand depending on the situation), while the second chunk returns to environmental art updates, touching on lighting, large rock locations, and homestead buildings.

The AMA is pretty granular, but the devs touch on everything from lava and breakable trees and forest biomes to reusing assets and the Pyro system specifically. That pic up above? It may not look like it, but it’s still Star Citizen! And the artists note they’ve heard player feedback on those damn rocks: “We are tweaking the amount of rocks on all existing and upcoming moons and planets to make traversal in vehicles more comfortable.”

Source: Twitter, Spectrum

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