Guild Wars 2 offers free promotional items as part of Suicide Prevention Month

Are you, like... doing all right?

September is Suicide Prevention Month, which is not really an event that you celebrate in the conventional sense. It’s an event worthy of note, however, and Guild Wars 2 is tying that in with “Seize the Awkward” as a chance to remind everyone to have important conversations with your friends about mental health. To help serve as a reminder, the game is also offering free promotional items to players in the form of a t-shirt cosmetic item and a potion for your novelty wardrobe.

Both items can be nabbed for free off of the gem store through September 29th, so if you haven’t already gotten them, now’s the time. And, of course, if you haven’t already checked on the well-being of your friends, now is also the time for that. Mental health is an ongoing issue for many people and you may not immediately see the people who are struggling. Be kind, be aware, and seize the awkwardness of the conversation. (Oh, that’s where the name comes from.)

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