Survival MMO Stars End zooms into open beta with redesigned planet environments


About a year ago, we covered a brand-new survival MMO called Stars End, a Firefly-tinged space title that had just blasted its way into Steam early access. It’s come a long way from then – in fact, it’s come all the way to what it’s calling open beta and its milestone 41 update.

“The main features of this update is the completely redesigned planet environments,” Canadian developer Reverie World Studios explained. “Combined with ability to display hundreds of terrain objects like trees on screen, and better performance, we were able to transform how the game looks, starting from the main Beta Prairie planet. We have also redesigned audio system and reworked how player now locates objects in the world – hold the Middle Mouse Button to discover this feature.”

The update also includes engine optimization, a resource rebalancing, new terrain features, a rework for melee and hand-to-hand combat, sneaking, and some UI tweaks. The game is currently on Steam for $14.99; the original plan was to stay in early access for a full year and launch in late 2022, so this one’s still a ways off.

Source: Steam
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