Wild Terra 2 plans new patch, free-play week, and December early access


It’s been just a year since we first covered Wild Terra 2, a sequel-slash-do-over for the original Wild Terra that was meant to take the first game’s best ideas and coat them in improved graphics and more modern survival sandbox mechanics. This week, Juvty Worlds announced a slew of things for the game, chief among them that it’s launching into Steam early access in December, with preorder bundles already available; the cheapest bundle is $29.99, though the cheapest one with closed testing access right now is over 60 bucks.

In the short term, however, it’s rolled out the game’s 2.0.241 update, which tweaks the experience curve, resource spawns, production timers, recipes, and food, along with optimization and bug fixes.

Don’t want to buy in at all? Maybe hold out another week, as the game’s granting a freebie week on Steam starting October 7th. There’s a new trailer to point your eyeballs at too.

Source: Press release, Steam

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it has a Legends of Aria feel on it and I like its camera view too, might check it out