Final Fantasy XI’s October version update arrives with more promised for the future


The October version update for Final Fantasy XI is here! It brought some new Ambuscade fights with it, and… that’s it! Well, that’s not entirely it, but that’s the vast majority of what is in this particular update. But as noted in the latest edition of the Vana’diel digest, this is simply a matter of preparing for bigger updates in November and beyond, which means that sometimes the team’s monthly updates will be smaller.

Some fans in the comments are a bit miffed that the game currently has no larger roadmap for future updates (which is true) or that it has been several patches since any job adjustments (which is also true). Others are noting that more is planned for the future, like the Assist Channel to help new and returning players link up with veterans which should be going live in November. And, you know, a maintenance mode game getting monthly updates for years is itself pretty impressive.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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