TERA: Endless War is a mobile strategy game based on the IP now available for pre-registration


While the stewardship of TERA has been a rather sloppy pot of chili, the IP of the game appears to be heading to the mobile market in a rather unexpected form: TERA: Endless War, a mobile strategy game promising large-scale battles on a hexagonal map.

Players of TERA: Endless War take on the role of one of several heroes based on the original MMO’s classes to command forces and take on foes. The game features PvE modes like Dreamstorm dungeons, Archdevan Suppression, and Argon Camp Sweep, as well as large-scale PvP modes like Guild Rally Attack, Guild Warfare, and City Siege. Gameplay operates in real time and appears to be a rather fast-paced affair, though deeper details of gameplay are currently unavailable.

What is available is pre-registration for the game in over 170 countries around the globe, and those who do so will get a bundle of rewards including Gold, Crystals, and a variety of boost items. The game is due to fully release sometime in November on both Google Play and the App Store.

source: press release
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