Aion KR teases possible classic server, Aion EU brings update 7.7 to the early access server


There’s some new scuttlebutt out of the world of Aion, specifically from different parts of our world. One of the most intriguing pieces of news is a rumor (big emphasis on rumor and maybe even wishful thinking here) that the Korean version is teasing a classic server, fueled mostly by the rather cryptic header message reading “the memories of the Deva will become reality.” Whatever this announcement heralds, all will be ultimately revealed on Wednesday, October 28th, which happens to be the Korean version’s 12th anniversary, so it could just as easily be a special anniversary event.

Meanwhile on the EU version of the MMORPG, we have word that update 7.7 is live on the early access server, so it likely won’t be long now before players of Aion in the region will get to see the new update. For now, the Society of Gaming YouTube channel is offering a sneak peek at the new login music for Aoin in tinny monaural sound. That can be… experienced in the embed below.


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Hmmm. I’ll be watching for an update on Wednesday. Although, even if Korea gets a classic version, there’s obviously no guarantee NA (or EU) will get one. Still…

Rick Mills

One can only hope!