Ashes of Creation’s Steven Sharif discusses lore and some related gameplay mechanics in an interview


Sure, we’re all about the gameplay of MMORPGs, but there’s always a little time for some lore as well, and that was the primary thread through a video interview with Steven Sharif of Ashes of Creation, courtesy of YouTuber Simurgh.

In the interview, Sharif discussed the inspiration for the world of AoC, confirmed that players will be able to take on quests that align with the game’s “darker side” of its godly pantheon, discussed the lore and background of the Light Pact, elaborated on the importance of religion in the game’s overall story, and talked about the creatures of the world. There is a little bit about gameplay also, such as discussion of ship combat and ship construction, animal husbandry, and different Freehold styles like Elvish and Orcish and how they will try to meld into the biomes they’re built in.

There’s about an hour’s worth of broadcast to take in, most of it about AoC’s worldbuilding, after the cut.

source: YouTube

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