Neverwinter is retiring Bonding Runestones and making changes to companions


How well does item level match to actual player power in Neverwinter? Not well enough, at least according to the way developers see it, and that’s leading to some changes to the way that companions work. This includes outright removing Bonding Runestones, which never really lined up with stated item levels and will thus be available for exchange for other equivalent types of runestones in Protector’s Enclave.

The change comes along with a larger set of changes to companions, due in no small part to the fact that the removal of Bonding Runestones had the potential to make players lose out on power completely. Companions have had their base item level increased tenfold, with further buffs to ensure that you still get more advantages from solid companions as well as a sizable buff to your own item level. The result will hopefully make companions more useful across the board while removing a mechanical wrinkle from the game; time will tell how well that works out, as will the upcoming testing for these changes. Also, don’t forget that you can take part in a giveaway we’re running right now for some Neverwinter goodies.


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Jeremy Barnes

Neverwinter feels to me like one of those games that just has too many ‘systems’ that seems like they’re half abandoned so retiring any system is probably a benefit.

Vanquesse V

Neverwinter is super chill and casual right up until you hit the level cap and which point the game turns into impossible shapes and indescribably colours and every attempt at figuring out where to get upgrades from is met with real life sanity damage

Vanquesse V

This is probably for the best. They can still manage to mess up the transition but bonding stones were extremely counterintuitive and the power you gained from them were in no way represented in your ilvl