Bless Unleashed’s latest update adds a new region, new dungeons, Elemental Weapons, and passive upgrades


Players of the PS4 and Xbox One MMORPG Bless Unleashed have themselves some new content to dig in to in the form of the Spear of Salvation update, which introduces a new area with new dungeons as well as a supplement to character progression.

The new area is known as the Ivory Dunes, which boasts 40 Campaign quests, 24 sidequests, 10 regional quests, and an Invasion quest. There are also several new instances for players to take on in the form of the Forgotten Sewers Lair, the Nightspire – Entropic Descent dungeon, and a new two-player Arena challenge against the Dune Tyrant.

In addition, the update has introduced Elemental Weapons that dish out elemental damage and provide elemental defense, and has introduced a Class Levels system that lets players earn stat boosts and Class Points, which can be used to enhance their passive skills. There are also a number of changes to class abilities, Unions, and more. All of the details can be read in the latest patch notes.

source: official site
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