Superhero MMO Valiance Online apologizes for radio silence, discusses status of beta server


Crowdfunded superhero MMORPG Valiance Online saw a flurry of activity earlier this year when it opened up a beta in conjunction with the online PlayNYC event, along with new videos and previews. Our own impressions of the game found it an interesting setting with definite promise, but certainly not a game close to prime time or close to making its planned launch by the end of the year.

In any case, the game has been relative quiet since that event, a silence the devs have now apologized for. “Apologies about the quietness, myself and some team members had some stuff to deal with all at once,” Silverhelm Studios’ Slipjack tweeted. “We will be getting back into the groove of things. As always we appreciate your patience.” He also clarifies that the test server will stay open for a while but will at some point be closed back down and accessible only to backers.

“For those not in our discord to see announcements, the game is down and being worked on. We’ll still be doing uploading and testing. So, we’re going to let it run as an open server until we’re happy with what’s available. Once done, it will return to investor only. (with notice).”

The most recent patch notes are posted to the game’s forums;┬áit includes tweaks to spawns, capes, mobs, props, and placeholder art, among plenty of other things.

Source: Twitter
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