Star Citizen Live talks update 3.12, reputation system, environmental effects, and more


The next alpha build of Star Citizen is pretty close now, considering much of the previous videos talked up several features of the update. We’ve all got one more now, as Star Citizen Live brought together director Todd Papy and core gameplay designer Richard Tyrer to talk all about the update.

  • One of the first reveals during the livestream was the fact that update 3.12 will introduce the first version of a reputation system, which is tied to bounty hunting missions.
  • There were some additional details about refining, including confirmation that the player that starts a refining job is the only one that can collect the end materials.
  • There was confirmation that multiple tractor beams can’t be linked together to lift heavier objects (boo), though players can use the grapple function to draw themselves to someplace in zero-g (yay)
  • In other tractor beam details news, the ability to ride a grappled box (aka Green Goblining) is being disabled (boo), but the tool can be used to throw grenades back at foes (yay).
  • EVA’ing from a ship into the upcoming gas clouds could expose players to environmental effects such as cold. Basically, don’t leave your ship to pet the space clouds no matter how soft they look.

The full broadcast is embedded below along with another synopsis from The Noobifier for those who would rather have the hour’s worth of broadcast condensed into just over three minutes.

source: YouTube
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