ZeniMax Online Studios goes on a hiring spree for ESO and ‘multiple unannounced projects’


Readers are surely familiar with ZeniMax Online Studios’ work on The Elder Scrolls Online, but you’re also probably curious about what the studio’s up to in the future, particularly with regard to the potential new MMO that appeared to be ramping up production that we covered back in October of 2020 when ZeniMax was hiring left and right. As it happens, ZOS is once more on another hiring spree, but this time it’s for “multiple unannounced projects,” according to Twitter.

The jobs run the gamut from world builder to UI/UX designers to artists to producers, with a couple of job postings pointing out work on a AAA title powered by an in-house ECS-based game engine, while other listings simply state that the positions are for a new AAA game; there’s even a listing for a senior PvP designer for one of these new projects. The jobs page also has listings for ESO as well, including a system designer, senior writer, senior VFX artist, and a senior monetization designer.

Obviously, we don’t have details about just what these new games are all about, but it certainly appears that ZOS has multiple pots bubbling on its stove.


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Chris WMV

Its all stupid tech jobs. Nothing interesting. So tired of seeing this fake news.

Kickstarter Donor

The trend of this genre has me almost completely in the “these won’t be proper MMOs” camp, but I’m really curious to see what they’re working on regardless, and ESO was one of the last big MMOs to launch and seems to be doing well for itself still, so anything could happen.

Tom De Laet

What the hell is a senior monetisation officer? Is it as evil as it sounds?



Sarah Cushaway

Let’s see if they delete it yet again :) because boy, they don’t like people calling out shady business practices or something.

Yep, you guessed it.

Those crappy loot box rewards don’t design themselves, afterall.

John Kiser

I mean even pay to play (wow) is a form of monetisation….

Sarah Cushaway

Sure, it is. However, it used to be when you signed up for an MMO, you knew exactly what you’d pay for all the content each month: 15 bucks.

Now all of them, even the P2P, have rather predatory microtransactions in place. ESO is one of the worst offenders with its constant loot box gambling system.

Notice the “chapters” are getting skimpier as the cash shop gets more bloated.


Good to see that they are actively working on something new and good to see more jobs available for more people. Hopefully this may mean that a proper Fallout MMORPG has a higher chance of appearing and that it will not be based on a derivative of Hero engine ;-)