BlizzConline 2021: Why WoW Burning Crusade Classic won’t have the dungeon-finder


While not a surprise, confirmation that Burning Crusade Classic is coming this year has lit a fire underneath the classic community. Blizzard was out in force at BlizzConline to talk about it, but the developers didn’t stop there. They swung by YouTuber MrGM to spend an additional half-hour answering questions about the expansion’s implementation and other various topics.¬†Blizzard’s John Hight and Brian Birmingham address everything from the base patch and collector’s edition to precisely what kinds of changes from vanilla TBC the studio is willing to make.

“We don’t feel like it would be important to include the group finder, especially not like that dungeon finder with the auto-teleport,” Birmingham says. “We feel like that is antithetical to Classic – even though it’s really cool to have that option in modern WoW. […] We want to make sure there’s a distinction between those offerings, where if you want that social friction, you can find that in Classic. We definitely want to keep the broad authentic character of Classic while still making targeted fixes for things that are real problems.”

This might not be as massive a revelation as the big talking points shared at BlizzConline, but it’s still worth watching for interesting tidbits — and to fuel the fires of your hype. Check it out below!

And for fun, here’s a very, very old video of a very, very young Jeff Kaplan talking about The Burning Crusade prior to its original launch:

Source: YouTube
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