Star Wars: The Old Republic’s delayed patch is finally coming on March 2

Party down.

After getting hit with a snow delay, Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next update is finally coming to the servers on Tuesday, March 2nd. If you keep your expectations in check — this isn’t a story update, after all — you might find something to enhance your adventures in a galaxy far, far away.

The headlining features here include changes to amplifiers, uprisings, and conquests. Amplifiers are getting a user interface overhaul, quality locking, and a weekly cost reset, uprisings are seeing level tweaks and difficulty balancing, and conquests are getting adjusted “to ensure engaging and fair competition.” That last one means that players who join a guild after a conquest event started can’t participate until the next event rolls around.

That’s not all; this update comes with an “everything and the kitchen sink” approach to fine-tuning the game. There are just scads of smaller patch notes present, so if you’re sitting around on Tuesday waiting for the game to update, you might want to comb through these to see if any apply to areas of the MMO that interest you.

Source: SWTOR

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