The Daily Grind: Do you wish Guild Wars 2 had proper player housing?


A few weeks back, in response to a dumb joke I made about Guild Wars 2’s endless parade of cash-shop chairs, MOP’s Justin quipped, “Imagine if they had housing,” echoing the sentiments of hundreds of MOP readers over the years, including me. I’ve always considered it a damn shame that Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have proper housing, just home instances that have always seem underdeveloped and cash-shop oriented to me. I’d love to hope that End of Dragons would introduce housing, but I don’t actually believe it, given the game’s recent development.

Neither do more skeptical Redditors. A while back, one player even wondered aloud whether more deco being added to the game meant housing was inevitable. The thread was shot down as wishful thinking. Some people don’t want it at all.

How about you – do you wish Guild Wars 2 had proper housing? How would you make it work?

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