RuneScape eyeballs March 22 for next game update as account restoration efforts move into a third week


The folks at Jagex continue to wrestle with the bear of RuneScape login issues. As we’ve been reporting, the game’s login servers tanked on March 4th, forcing the devs to roll back servers, push back the game’s next weekly update, and disable certain accounts due to data gaps that were discovered.

Over this past weekend, the devs offered up further plans for those account fixes, starting with an Account Integrity Review “beta test” that invites a select number of affected players to review their restored account and provide feedback. Once that phase is completed, the devs will commence full restoration of accounts. This testing phase should begin sometime this week, with timing details to be announced very soon.

If all goes according to plan, RuneScape should see game updates returning on March 22nd as technical resource needs for account restoration efforts thin out. The dev blog does put an asterisk on this date, however, noting that this plan is “contingent on continued good progress with getting affected players back into the game.”

“We will do right by anyone who’s been impacted by this issue,” the dev blog closes. “I want you to know that even if the Beta doesn’t get us all the way there, we’re going to keep moving forward, get you playing and continue offering support until we get this right.”

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