Classic Guild Wars players are in a delightful frenzy trying to unearth an easter egg from 2013


Combine a developer’s hint about secret content and a much beloved MMORPG, and you’ve got the makings for a major treasure hunt – and that’s exactly what’s going on in Classic Guild Wars right now.

According to the excellent recap of the situation over on Reddit, players on Discord noticed an anonymous hint buried in the pages of the game’s wiki about the Xunlai Archivists being the source of a riddle nobody’s solved. It’d remain just that – a rumor – if ex-ArenaNet dev Matthew Moore hadn’t popped up this past weekend in a thread about easter eggs.

Then he swung by the original rumor discussion to confirm that too.

According to Moore’s follow-up tweets, the easter egg weapon was deposited in 2013 and is connected to (but doesn’t require) the Wayfarer’s Reverie event that rolls out in the summer. The Reddit thread and Discord have all the clues collected, so if you fancy a mystery to locate a lost weapon, have fun!

Source: Reddit. Thanks a ton, Sander!
Aaaand they found it as of this morning!

Found iiiiiiiiiit yeahhhhhh from GuildWars


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Jim Bergevin Jr

Have to check all my mules. Pretty sure I’ve had this sitting on one with a bunch of other uniques from a few years ago.

Cory James Hill

I want this game on my phone/tablet SO BAD. Seems like such a waste of an amazing game to just let it age out and die. If they could make it work on mobile I think it would be really popular.