Project_N is a new throwback MMO designed by an EverQuest lead game designer


We certainly have no shortages of MMO projects in which fans and developers alike are seeking to return to Ye Olden Dayz of game design, and while Project_N can be easily lumped in with this trend, there are a few things that set apart this relatively new MMO.

First of all, its small team is led by Shawn Lord, a highly experienced MMORPG developer who was the lead content designer for EverQuest and DC Universe Online. Second, Lord says that this game emerged from a series of discussions about creating a “classic fantasy MMO” using modern-day tools that would be focused, compelling, and profitable. Third, among its visual inspiration are ’70s and ’80s rock album covers, which is an inspiration we haven’t heard a lot of in this space.

“We’re building an entirely new universe (and then some), that’s rooted in very traditional, tropey, western high fantasy,” Lord posted. “We’re putting our little twists and takes in, but overall, we want this world to be familiar and nostalgic. It’s both serious and charming; filled with mysterious ruins, familiar monsters, and the usual elves and squirrels and sh!t.”

The indie team hopes that by keeping costs down, it can afford to make a very niche MMO: “We’re making a game that’s not meant for everyone. And in staying narrowly focused, we’re hoping that it’s a game that we can continue to “bootstrap” the development of ourselves.”

Lord recently hosted Trion Worlds and SOE’s Scott Hartsman to talk about old times and new trends:

Source: Project_N. Thanks Michael18!

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Joseph Groulx

I’m down, make it happen!


Not interested, but at least this one seems to have a realistic scope.

Evasive Dice

Project gorgon, Pantheon, etc. Its becoming a trend and I’m loving it. Because alot of the dev’s are realizing the modern mmorpg setup isnt working. Im constantly reading about dev’s former and current branching off and starting up to make these kinda projects happen and its been recieved REALLY well. I just hope we can actually get a product and its not just wishful hopes and dreams because Id wager there will be enough people to back these kind of games, myself included and turn the modern mmorpg models on its heads and we can kinda start shifting mmorpgs back to better times. Right now the mind numbing gameplay loops and monetization are insane.


Will be fun to watch how this evolves. Good luck!


It’s good that they are not trying to make a giant MMO with an indie team, like so many others. Keeping it focused and niche is what more people need to do


I will keep an eye on this for sure.

Kickstarter Donor

among its visual inspiration are ’70s and ’80s rock album covers

And I am 100% sold. Literally, I don’t need to know anything beyond this, this is more than enough for me.

Francis Baud

Interesting to go back in time, and relive the old-school MMORPG experience.

Kickstarter Donor
Java Jawa

neato, definitely interested!

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

Colour me interested!