Elder Scrolls Online’s new Endeavors dailies offer a new path to lockbox loot


If dailies aren’t your thing in MMOs, you can probably keep on scrolling. But if they are, or if you’re planning to return to Elder Scrolls Online when Blackwood rolls out in June, then you should probably point your eyeballs over at ZeniMax’s latest dev blog, as the studio has today revealed full details on the new endeavors system.

Endeavors are basically dailies and weeklies, but unlike such quests in most games, these aren’t aimed strictly at murderhobos. Crafters, thieves, merchants, and resource junkies are all being rewarded here.

“Here’s how it works: When you log in, you’ll automatically receive various daily and weekly Endeavors that ask you to complete different tasks. These tasks vary across the different play styles and in-game activities. Here’s some examples of the kinds of tasks Endeavors might ask you to do:
• Steal or pickpocket items
• Complete quests
• Defeat enemies using Class or Weapon abilities
• Sell items to vendors
• Craft different types of items
• Defeat different types of monsters
• Harvest resource nodes.”

ZeniMax says the number of dailies and weeklies available will change over time, and in exchange for your efforts, the game will dispense the new currency called, appropriately, Seals of Endeavors. Notably, this currency will allow players to directly purchase any of the items that are in the game’s currently live lockboxes (not historical lockboxes), which is actually a mark in its favor, although you might need to do quite a bit of dailies grinding to get what you’re after.

Endeavors go live with update 30 and will be available for all players whether they pick up Blackwood or not.

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