An infamous WoW Classic griefer sees his 16 accounts all banned during a livestream


If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the greater World of Warcraft: Classic community, you perhaps are familiar with the exploits of one TinyViolin69, a player whose entire reason for existing in-game is to camp World Buff sites with 16 different boosted and paid-for accounts in order to dispel buffs that other plays have long been grinding for. As you can imagine, this behavior made TinyViolin something of a blight on the game, but as of this past Sunday, that blight was cleared.

During one of TinyViolin’s livestreams where he was broadcasting his multibox shenanigans, all 16 of his accounts were smacked with the banhammer live on Twitch, a development that was met with a surprising but no less amusing amount of silence as TinyViolin simply sat there for a few moments and then ended the broadcast. Reaction to the move appears to have been lauded by the game’s community, with the moment being shared on the LivestreamFail subreddit and another thread on /r/ClassicWoW being deleted and locked down by mods but not before some generally unsympathetic responses.

It should be noted that TinyViolin hasn’t been thwarted entirely, however: He was back in the game yesterday, though this time he was actually playing the game like a regular human. While his in-game behavior appears to have been righted for now, his real-life behavior apparently hasn’t as he talked some further trash during the stream. “I was happy to see the accounts banned,” he claims in his recent stream. “I was prepared for getting banned from day one, man, and I’m honestly surprised the crybabies didn’t get me sooner. And you know what? I’m gonna be back and kids are gonna be crying again.”

sources: Reddit (1, 2) via Dexerto, Twitch
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