WoW Classic will re-enable character transfers after Burning Crusade Classic’s pre-patch goes live


WoW Classic players scrambling to get ready for Burning Crusade Classic’s release in a few weeks may be feeling some anxiety over being locked down on their current servers. The good news is that Blizzard confirmed character transfers are going to come back next week — and that players will be able to take 5,000 gold (rather than the current 2,000 limit) with them.

“We intend to turn on the character transfer service soon after realms go live with the update next week,” the studio said. “We need to keep transfers offline until we’re done snapshotting all characters, but that will be finished during maintenance, so realm transfers can be resumed thereafter.”

In other Burning Crusade Classic news, Blizzard revealed that players can increase the distance at which they see nameplates if they so desire. Also, fan site Icy Veins got its hands on an official physical press kit. So if you want to drool over knick-knacks that you’ll never get, head on over to check it out.


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