Ragnarok Online IP is getting new titles for 2021, NetEase announces PC and mobile strategy MMO Project Ragnarok


It’s a double dose of Ragnarok in this news post, which is kind of odd considering the event of Ragnarok is supposed to be a world-ending apocalypse. In any case, we’ll try to make sure this doesn’t end up being too confusing, as we’re dealing with entirely different game studios and game experiences here.

First, the lineup of games based on Ragnarok Online is expanding once more as Gravity Studio announced its overall game release plans for this year. Launches include the newly-released mobile title The Labyrinth of Ragnarok, the upcoming mobile game The Lost Memories: A Song of Valkyrie and the PC game Ragnarok Begins for the second half of 2021, and of course the in-development 3-D mobile title Project S, which will host closed beta in the second half of this year. We’re entering Lineage levels of IP bloat, folks.

Lastly, NetEase introduced players across the globe to Project: Ragnarok in a first-ever English product showcase. This one is a mobile strategy MMO that features cross-play between mobile devices and PC, and sees players fighting to stop the end of the world. The reveal came with a trailer that we’ve got embedded below, though the footage in question is a demonstration and not the game’s final graphics. In other words, it’s the sizzliest of sizzle reels.

source: MMO Culture (1, 2)
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