Guild Wars 2 repromotes living world season 2 starting today – for free

As promised in its summer roadmap, Guild Wars 2 is preparing a slew of events leading up to the big reveal of End of Dragons in July. Up this week – today, specifically – is the return of two more episodes from the living world season 2 storyline, Gates of Maguuma and Entanglement. If you don’t already have them unlocked and missed them , you should at least log in once over the next week to pick them up for free. These two episodes drag you all over the map, most notably Dry Top.

“Catch up on the story of the dragon cycle and prepare for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. Log in to Guild Wars 2 between May 25 and May 31 to unlock these spotlight episodes for free! Check your in-game mailbox for a letter containing story unlock tokens. You’ll find the unlocked episodes under “Living World Season 2” in your story journal tab, which is located in the Hero panel. If you’ve already unlocked the episodes previously, you don’t need the tokens—you’re good to go! New achievements for the episodes are available in the “Bonus Events” category of your achievements tab. You can complete these at any time to progress the Seasons of the Dragons meta-achievement and work toward earning legendary rewards.”

It looks as if the second and third episodes will roll out next week, fourth and fifth on June 8th, and the last two episodes on June 15th, so make sure you’re logging in to claim them.

Patch notes are up! And yes, there are some balance updates tucked within, along with the new meta-achieves for the old content.


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Correct me if i’m wrong, i remember there is a talk about bringing back the first season, what happened to that? or i’m just imaging stuff?

As for season 2, i already have it, at least i logged in to organize my bags, i honestly miss this game.

Ewan Cuthbertson

They want to but because of how it was implemented i.e. it was temporary they’d have to remake those for to be permanent and find ways to re introduce the battle for LA in a permanent way. The marionette from season 1 is coming back July 13th I believe as a special event week.

Ewan Cuthbertson

The second episode of season 2 releases today as will the 1st episode. Episode 3 and 4 next week, episode 5 and 6 the following week and episode 7 and 8 the week after.