Bless Unleashed answers player questions on PC with a whole lot of nope

And... NO.

There’s a whole lot of no in the latest set of community answers for Bless Unleashed. Can players have the option to turn off censorship inside of the game’s chat? No. Will there be direct trading between players not via the in-game marketplace? That’s a no. Want to skip cutscenes? Too bad, that’s a no. Can you earn the game’s premium currency via gameplay? The answer for that one is a bit more abstract insofar as it just explains what the currency is, but given that it doesn’t include a yes and the overall tenor of this conversation, we’re going to assume it’s another no.

Of course, it’s not all negative (for example, the Q&A confirms that a premium membership will be offered for the game similar to what is already available for console players), and maybe you’re not bothered by all of the “no” answers in the first place. Maybe you didn’t really want to trade anything to other players, and if that’s the case, you’ll be in luck! Because you can’t.

It’s worth noting that our own hands-on look at the title noted that it was, in fact, a significant improvement over its original incarnation. A full release is expected at some point this year.

Source: Steam

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Sarah Cushaway

Will I play this game?
Also a “no”.

Especially with “features” like the ones listed above.


I’m so over MMOs like this. MMOs that are designed with a very specific vision in mind – make money. There is not an ounce of passion that i can see, no desire to provide a gaming experience. It’s like there is a list of features that an accountant scavenged from other games and said “our games will have this to optimize profits”. It’s a laundry list of systems, not a virtual world.

MMOs have truly fallen from grace…


Does this game will live longer?


Yoshi Senpai

I got one more for the road.

Will I even bother giving this game a try?

Turing fail
Patreon Donor
Turing fail

Ironic a game with “unleashed” in its title has so many constraints.


I read that as Bless Unreleased…and was thinking, “Isn’t that what is was before?” o.O

Scorp Gang

Bless: Unleashed is already dead. PSO2:NGS and Solo had really good BETAS. I probably have an hour in Bless:Unleashed.

How am I judging it with one Hour Played? It didn’t keep me throughout the whole BETA. SOLO and NGS did. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Whilst I enjoyed Bless Unleashed, it does pale in comparison to SOLO, PSO2 NGS, Elyon and even New World. There just isn’t any reason to play BU when these other games are coming out this year.

Dankey Kang

Nope is certainly the watchword when it comes to Bless


no trading sounds like BDO so nothing new there.
and the censorship deal I can understand they are lazy and don´t want to deal with all easily offended snowflakes that can even handle the word shit or their heads explode in rage. I mean I even started to use frack instead of the other F word becuse people reacted like hell to it. Poor people today are to caught up in getting offended by any curse word instead of just trying to live their life’s and just enjoy and ignore people like normal humans do.

Vanquesse V

Honestly, the real snowflakes are the sad people always complaining they can’t be toxic in public anymore.
Having said that, the chat filter in this game is really bad at handling English language text.


Yeah, the real problem with chat filters is that they try to filter for every possible language at the same time which censors way way way too much in total.

Bruno Brito

What a coincidence! “A whole lot of nope” is also my answer for everything Bless-related.