Gloria Victis makes a number of adjustments to resource gathering in latest update


Gloria Victis — the actual sandbox MMO, not the spinoff game — has recently put out an update that makes a wide variety of changes to the game’s resource gathering and economy in an effort to encourage more resource gathering and fighting over resource-rich territory.

First off, gatherers can now find location specialization details at open world and nation castles resource spots in order to get a better idea of what sorts of resources are at any given location flag, with more important locations offering specialized resources. The update has also introduced a new vein resource type that lets multiple players gather goodies at once, while regular gathering nodes will contain about ten times more resources in them in comparison with old nodes, albeit with a longer respawn timer. Incidentally, random node respawns are now a thing of the past.

The changes to gathering don’t stop there, as the update also applies explanations for passive and active gathering, improves the visual destruction of a node as its resources are collected, makes a balance pass to gathering tools, and unifies farm sizes in the interest of balance among other things. More details can be read in the changelog.

source: Steam, thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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