World of Warcraft updates Torghast mechanics and some soulbinds on the 9.1 test server


The Empowered mechanic added to¬†World of Warcraft’s Torghast was not the most beloved mechanic added to an already not-beloved bit of content, so it’s been changed with the most recent patch. Where previously the mechanic worked more like a hot streak bar with timing, players will now have the mechanic work more as an accumulated bar of power, with Empowered status lasting for a certain amount of time based on how full the bar is when used. It also removes the decay over time and death reduction, further enforcing the idea that this is meant to be a bonus to be used rather than a streak counter.

Players on the test server will also notice a number of changes to soulbinds on the test server, with every Covenant other than Kyrian’s bindings receiving some updates in terms of functionality. You can check out the full rundown here, although it’s worth noting that these changes are obviously not final yet and thus are subject to further alteration.

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