Neverwinter prepares for the eighth Protector’s Jubilee starting on June 17

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The eponymous city in Neverwinter has some problems. Literally, the place is an adventure magnet, and that means it’s constantly besieged by monsters, demons, demonic monsters, wildlife, fey arsenals… at some point we think there might have been a squirrel invasion. But the city is still (more or less) in one piece, and to thank adventurers for eight years of ensuring that’s the case, the game is hosting the Protector’s Jubilee once more on June 17th through June 24th. Get new rewards like the Throne of the Archfey or the Cyclops War Drummer companion, pick up old rewards, and generally party down for rewards for a week of fun.

If you’re a little less worried about the narrative of keeping Neverwinter itself in one piece and a little more curious about the mechanical side with the upcoming level changes, though, there’s a paean for that as well. An AMA about these mechanical changes will be held on June 16th, giving players a chance to ask burning questions and have them answered in real time. So keep yourself ready for that if you’ve got some questions on your mind.

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