A Kingdom Divided, Old School RuneScape’s 150th quest, is officially live today


As of now, Old School RuneScape has 150 quests for players to experience with the official release of A Kingdom Divided.

“In A Kingdom Divided, players go behind the Kingdom of Great Kourend’s façade of peace and prosperity to unravel allegations of corruption at the heart of the ruling Kourend Council. However, the Council’s political games are not the only thing players have to contend with. There’s also a deeper conspiracy, hundreds of years in the making, and a darker power is now gathering in the kingdom – one that could change the face of Gielinor forever.”

Not only will finishing this new quest line bring those alluded to revelations, but it will also open up rewards in the form of 26 new spells for the Arceuus Spellbook, two quest points, a 10,000-experience lamp, an increase to 60 charges in Kharedst’s Memoirs, and a new respawn point at Kourend Castle.

The update went live as of a couple of hours ago, but already it needed a couple of hotfixes to address login issues, stats to a certain monster, and to complete the scheduled closing of certain PvP worlds. Other bugs that worked their way into the latest update will see fixes applied in next week’s update> For now, though, it’s all about Great Kourend.

sources: press release, official site

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